Monday, August 18, 2014

Original Gazpacho Shots

This review isn't concerning a restaurant this time, but a much more healthier option to dress your noodles or spaghetti with; dipping sauce for your chips, pizza crusts, muffin, bread, etc.; even use it for cooking. However, I had used it for dipping sauce for muffin and bread. The gazpacho shot comes in a 4 fl.oz bottle and it must be used once, hence why it's called a "shot".

What you need is a blender, 2 lbs. of RIPE tomatoes (it doesn't matter what tomatoes you use), and 1 4 fluid ounce of gazpacho shot. Make sure you wash your tomatoes a few times and then proceed to put 3-4 whole pieces into the blender. Make sure your blender is powerful enough for such feat. If you own a much older or not so powerful blender, make sure to cut your tomatoes before placing them in the blender. Blend the tomatoes into puree form. Make sure that the amount comes to 30 oz. If it reads less than 30 ounces, then add a few more tomatoes. I had ended up adding 6 Roma tomatoes. Each tomato is different in size, so make sure you add 2-3. Blend until its creamy.

Now onto the last step, open the plastic film surrounding the gazpacho shot cover and then shake vigorously. Open the cap and pour in every last drop of Gazpacho in the bottle to the blender. Now, blend both together until the mix reaches into a puree form. Or you will also notice the mix change color from red to a pinkish color. Now unplug your blender, take the top off, and pour the puree into a  container in which you will put in the refrigerator for 12 hours. This will allow the ingredients to soak and coexist with each other. After 12 hours, it is then ready to serve. I had used muffins yesterday for lunch and for breakfast, I used muffins again. My father enjoyed the taste of the gazpacho "dip" which I had called it. My mom is a very picky eater when it comes to anything. She took her first bite and was immediately asking for seconds and thirds. So, I am glad she finally liked something that's new. Now whatever leftovers can be refrigerated. I hope my brother comes back home to taste it. I for sure would want to buy some more gazpacho shots so I can give it to friends, brother, and some for myself. This would be great for parties, dinner, etc.

If you want more information, you can check their website on, or check my youtube channel: and look for my gazpacho shot review.

All the ingredients on the bottle are organic and vegan. So check it out. You will certainly love it as much as I do. Check them out on twitter: SaludFoods and instagram: Saludfoods  or email them at

After 12 hours, this is the finished product

I wanted to use muffins to eat the gazpacho sauce with 
looks tasty!

Gazpacho Shot: Original Flavor.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fusion Variation Root Vegetable Chips by Rowe Cusine

I actually have something really healthy for you all to read about. I love chips, and when I find something healthy to eat; it's definitely hard to find something that's gonna please my palate. My sense of taste is quite sensitive and if something doesn't appease my taste buds; it's going into the trash. However, when brought to my attention about these Root Vegetable Chips, I gave it a try. I had got these from a Farmer's Market. Apparently these chips can be found only in a few Farmer's Market. When I get more information, I will.

So on the back, they introduce to you what the chips are and Executive Chef David Rowe whom is the innovator behind these awesome chips. Before any sort of healthy snacks, we were consumers of eating any sort of junk food. Nowadays, we are concerned on our healthy and wanting to eat healthier. Thus, brings this review of the Root Vegetable Chips. The Company is based in Northridge and they sell this product line through various Farmer's Markets. I had asked the representative from Fusion Variations and they had provided me a discounted price for those interested in purchasing a bag of Root Vegetable Chips. It comes in a 2 oz bag and it consists of the following ingredients: Russet Potato, Purple Potato, Sweet Potato, Malanga Root, Red beet, Sea Salt and Oil. According to the representative, he stated that this is a big hit at the USC Farmer's Market and they sell out within minutes.

The Root Vegetable chips are quite tasty. My favorite one has to be the Red Beet. So, for taste 5/5, packaging 5/5, freshness 5/5. It's pretty much a win/win product. Now as I had mentioned, for anyone who is interested in this product, you can leave a comment here. or msg

Back side of the Root
Vegetable Chips

Front Side of the Root
Vegetable Chips

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jug Jug Sports Bar (Granada Hills, CA)

 I have been to a few bars and there are somewhat nice. But as soon as I approached jug jug, this is where the story begins! My first time coming here is when my brother had took me here after the first big show at CSUN. The headliner was the cataracts since Dev couldn't make it due to being pregnant?? and it we had kreyshawn.. some weird singer who sang afterwards. I think B.O.B. came to sing as well. So after the big show, we wanted to grab a drink... my brother had decided jug jug.. ok.. we drank a liter of beer and ever since then.. jug jug has been the destination and choice to go whenever I felt the urge to get a drink. I have celebrated my birthday here once, graduation party here, and drank numerous times here with friends. Now, this is one top-notch sports bar. It's a Korean Sports bar. They serve you chips and salsa. The salsa is one-of-a-kind. I have never had salsa this good ever!!! The chips are good too.

The one dish i suggest anyone coming here to order is their spicy wings. OMG!!! Everytime my friend calls me.. i know what he's going to say. "Arthur, lets go to jug jug and get some of that spicy wings." This is spicy.. no doubt!!! Americans might know spicy, but not until they have had "Asian" spicy. WE do spicy like no other. Now on to the other dishes. The Galbi (beef short rib) is quite good. I haven't tried the bulgogi. I have friends who ordered the fried rice. I also have ordered the french fries which is pretty good. My brother enjoys the spicy wings and sweet potato fries. So, not only do we com here for the beer, but the food is amazing as well. The beer prices are mind boggling and you just have to come see it for yourself. There are t.v.s on the walls for your viewing pleasure and there's always a game on or even a replay of a game. So, you are never not watching something thats not a game.

The last thing I have to note about this sports bar is the soju. They have flavored cocktail soju that they flavor the soju with and comes in a liter. Its 19.99 i think and well worth the cost. I love the pomegranate soju. My friend Ed loves it and we always talk about the next time we are going to drink it. We definitely always talk about when we drink it and the good times that come out of it.

Finally, the owner is one cool dude! He's very chill, funny, and humble. If you get to meet the owner, you know right off the bat, that it doesn't just get any better. He's like one of us, but the owner.. lol.

Hope u check this place out.. it's definitely worth the try and money!

cup of soju cocktail

eating the spicy wings


hanging out with the buddies

we just love the wings

more wings

of course the beer is good too

Happy July 4th!!!

Its the 4th of July Weekend.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

El Patron Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, 5545 Reseda Blvd. Tarzana, CA 91356

This review is dedicated to mi otra familia: Eduardo A. and Irene H.  and Juan

When all hope fails to find a decent Mexican Restaurant, then you should really check out this blog. El Patron is a bit of a drive from Cal State Northridge, but well worth it. It doesn't look much as you pass by unless you really look at the restaurant. There's sort of an outside patio that makes this restaurant unique. The parking is quite bland. I would have suggested some colorful lighting or lights. I would add the colorful christmas lights, a security guard and hidden speakers playing some spanish music. That would definitely get the flow of Mexico. As you walk to the front entrance, it's pretty bland too. There should be some colorful christmas lights along the railing and maybe a speaker on the wall playing some pepe aguilar or some salsa music at least. As you turn left, you can see the semi-open patio that people are eating. Things starts to get interesting. When you walk inside and greeted, you have a choice to eat outside or inside. I prefer inside during a hot summer afternoon.

The interior of the restaurant is finely decorated with breathtaking photos and should have more breathtaking scenery pictures, but that's ok. The music that is being played flows with the restaurant. They are playing "Oye como va," by Carlos Santana. Anything by Santana is good enough for me. The menu is different since it's lunch time. I am unsure if the menu is same at dinner time since the waitress was persistent that there's only one menu, which I doubt. I will have to make a return for dinner real soon. The tables are quite small in height, since I am a tall guy; I have to sort of crouch and lean on the table to eat. However, the food selection is quite broad for a lunch menu. The food is on one side, and the drinks menu on the other side. This time I am in need of a burrito. So I order a Shrimp Burrito with guacamole. (Burrito de camaron). My date orders a carne asada burrito with guacamole. We each order water. The drinks like Horchata and Jamaica are good choices as well, but the thing is there are no refills which is the downside. (really no refills?) yep no refills and the price is horrible for the drink. You'd rather just drink water or possibly order a beer or margarita!

The chip and dip comes in and the chips are nicely hot and fresh. The salsa could be better and the bean dip is a bit salty. I have had better. The food takes a while and they get my date's order wrong. They make her a chicken burrito when she ordered a carne asada. Mine came out well. By the time she gets her dish, we are somewhat full already dining on chips and dip. But the flavors from the burrito is exquisite. They just need to work on a few things here and there, which could make this restaurant more authentic. The one thing I love about this restaurant also is they don't rush you out of the table, now this could only be because it was a slow lunch time. Until, I make a dinner visit.. I will let you all know. Food 5/5, Drinks 4/5, Value of food 5/5 and value of drinks 2/5. Overall environment or feel ... 3/5. But I love the food here, so I definitely will make a return visit. It's definitely up to you!

view of the bar

loving the mosaic tiles and the backdrop painting

My burrito de camaron (shrimp)

another view of the bar

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Grandma Kim's Family Diner (8384 Topanga Cyn Blvd., Canoga Park, CA)

I have been coming to this restaurant when it first opened. This restaurant is situated in a medium sized plaza with decent parking. It's right across from the new Lowes. This restaurant has also been featured on the Daily News with a picture of the Granddaughter, Jennifer and the Grandma. We mainly order bulgogi here which is Marinated Beef. This has been our home for Korean BBQ for nearly 10 years. We were here since it first opened in 2004.  The restaurant, itself has changed its interior decor as it has grown over the years. I remember when it was just regular tables with not much decor and it was just plain white everywhere. Now, if you come and visit, you are wowed by how it looks like. 

I am not sure if it's still owned by the same owners, since there are new staff. I hope it is. For a sure thing, the bulgogi is a true winner here. We usually don't try anything else. If you are new to Korean BBQ, try bulgogi. It's marinated in a sauce that is mind-boggling. You will want more, or if you are full. Trust me, a few days later you'd be craving for some bulgogi. Now with any Korean BBQ, you get banchan which are side-dishes. Most dishes on the menu are served with BanChan. Some don't, but they should. I tried something different this time when I had visited Grandma Kims which was the Cold Noodle. Korean's have an awesome noodle which is Buckwheat Noodles and they are green or brown in color. The broth is to die for and it's very delicious. This is another dish that you should aim for which is the cold noodle soup which is mostly served during the summer months. But at Grandma Kim's, it is served all year. When you are done with the noodles, the broth is worth drinking. Unlike most broths, you won't get that feeling to drink water b/c of thirst. 

As for drinks, Korean hot tea is better which is Barley Tea. I love Barley Tea. Try it out next time, before you order any cocktails, beverages or alcohol. They do serve beer, soju, etc. That's something I would get into next time. The side-dishes that are served here are a-ok! The kim chi needs to be worked on, I have had better kim chi elsewhere. As the years progress, I think the kim chi's taste has withered down. The best Kim Chi I have had so far is at BCD Tofu House. 

The service depends on the day, but the service for the day I had went was horrible. 

Service: 1 star
Food: 4 star
Cleanliness: 5 star

Usually service is at least a 3-star.

Korean Buckwheat Cold Noodles

Bulgogi with side-dishes

inside the diner.

7 Leaves, (9786 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA)

7 Leaves? If you look at the title of this post, you will definitely be like WTH? Why would you name a place called 7 leaves? 

Well, my brother had decided to give us a tour of garden grove. Wow it's a little small country of asian restaurants. It has so many Vietnamese restaurants!! So, I have been craving some boba and my brother had decided to bring the family here. When you enter, you finally realize it's a tea house that serves all kinds of teas with or without boba and some small pastries. The chairs and tables resemble a classroom and they have lockers. I would guess the lockers are there for decoration.

Now.. something my uncle in hong kong had said, "AFA.. (thats how he pronounced my name.. which is Arthur)... if the bathroom is clean, then the restaurant is superb).. well the bathroom here is pretty nice and awesome. So, onwards to the review of this tea house. It's very busy and hard to get a chair. We had ordered mung bean drink which was awesome. I thought it was going to be a yellow color drink, since in most Chinese restaurants serve mung bean dessert, it's usually yellow in color. 

This place is decently nice. But I am not that impressed by the interior design of this place. Needs more life to the place. I am sure there are other tea houses in Garden Grove. I would rate this place a 3/5. It wasn't worth the wait for the tea and waiting for a seat to sit in. I would've settled for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. But that's my two cents for today. 

Mung Bean Drink

Inside the cafe.
Not so impressive. :/