Thursday, February 2, 2017

Del Taco (Santa Clarita, CA)

     Whom do you visit when you crave some cheap burritos and quesadillas? Well, Del-Taco. This location is always busy which is good business for this location, but horrible when it comes to buying food inside. They have messed up my orders more than a few times. They always seemed rush, or at least the supervisor/manager. When I see him, he looks jumpy and wants to get the move on with the orders. I think that is the reason why my orders keep getting messed up. The last time I ordered 2- 1/2 lb bean and cheese burrito with extra green sauce with some cheddar quesadillas. I got my cheddar quesadillas (mini), but ended up with 8 tacos with hard shell. I hate hard shell tacos. I did get more than I paid for, but I wanted my 1/2 lb bean and cheese burrito!!!! Can any of you relate to this? Well that's my rant for this Del-Taco. Let's hope for some really good reviews for this year. I won't be reviewing restaurants that I have dined the next couple of months, but will do reviews that I had done last year and never came across to do it. Hope you enjoy this years blog entries!!!! And try to avoid the Santa Clarita Del-Taco location. It's the one near magic mountain, gas station, Tommy's Burgers and the Starbucks.

Friday, October 21, 2016

C'est Si Bon Bakery (Newport Beach)

I am always up to trying anything new. I got some unique taste buds. So, as I spend time with my brother earlier this year with my mom, too. We had mentioned that we were looking for some coffee places. My brother knows my mom's tastes very well and knows she loves scones. So, he had brought us to a place called C'est Si Bon Bakery. This bakery is located in Newport Beach and serves not just scones but also serves coffee, tea, sandwiches, slices of cake, salads, and sandwiches. The seating area inside is not appealing and very limited in such a big space. So, what they should do is more tables and chairs with a floor that doesn't looks so dirty! The restrooms are located outside... so I would recommend to steer away from them. There's a Starbucks close by.. just use those instead.

So, after coming here a few times with my brother.. we decide to come here by ourselves. The scones here are phenomenal and very delicious. The downside is that they sell very fast, so it's imperative to come by the bakery around 9 am. If you do come by and the scones are sold out, then you should try the slices of cake which are also very delicious. My brother has suggested that the salads are pretty good. The prices here are okay. The quality is not too bad. Like I said, the few things could be worked on is the seating and the flooring. Besides that, everything else is very good. 5-stars!
Blueberry and Raspberry Scone


Blueberry Scone

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sake 2 Me Sushi (Tustin, CA)

I never got into sushi until maybe middle school and it was the California Roll. My mom would make it by herself at home. Since then, I have been eating sushi and even gotten hooked on to sashimi and like sushi on rice (not the rolls). As much as I love eating rolls, I prefer the fish on rice better. So, as this foodie was in Irvine this year, I had the opportunity to spend a few months in Irvine. My brother introduced this restaurant, SAKE 2 ME which is located in Tustin, CA. Sake 2 Me is an AYCE (all you can eat) sushi restaurant. Now, I was a bit hesitant because AYCE sushi places have a time limit. However, this AYCE restaurant hands you a two-sided order form and it has 3 columns. There are no time-limits, but given that you have 3 columns is the 3 times you are being served. Make sure you order enough sushi to compliment your hunger. Usually 2 columns are good enough since we order so much. 

Lunch and Dinner are different in prices and their are certain sushi platters that aren't served in lunch, but at dinner. The parking here is quite spacious, but during the dinner time.. it's definitely hard to find parking. The best time to come here is when dinner time has just started. That is the best time for any restaurant. There is limited outside seating for when it get's busy. When that happens, there is a waiting list for people to sign on outside. When you get called in for your table, inside looks pretty nice. It looks pretty decent for a sushi joint. The service is pretty good and the quality of this AYCE sushi place is very good for the price. Now, here's a foreward warning for those who order too much sushi. You have to pay for the remaining sushi that is leftover. Plus, they don't give you boxes to put the sushi in. They charge you for the boxes. This is the only down-side. 

Now as to what to order? I would suggest the Rolly-Poly Roll. Here's what it looks like. It is imitation crab meat with salmon encompassing it. On top is some spicy sauce. It's indeed one of my favorites to order. 
Rolly Poly Roll.
Imitation Crab Meat wrapped
around by Salmon Sashimi.
Some sushi rolls
and on the bottom
Sashimi Salad.

Albacore.. is also good. they put slices of
Red Onion on here. MMMM
Seared Salmon Sushi.
Its taste is woody.
You can never go wrong
with Unagi. (Marinated Cooked Eel)

Of Course you need some
of that miso soup!!
You can never go wrong with salmon sushi

So, above are some of the things I order. Is it worth the money?? It sure is. 
13951 Carroll Way, Tustin, CA 92780


Monday, August 29, 2016

+update+ Please help me fix my van or get a vehicle

For those who read my blog, I will continue on in a weeks time. I have been trying out restaurants near my work place which is in Burbank, CA. I need your help, if you can donate any money to my gofundme page, and share this page with your friends, co-workers, community. Help me get transportation to work. Uber and Lyft is just way too much.

Please help me out! Thanks!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Little Jewel of New Orleans; Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

Truly, this is a restaurant that you definitely must try. It's not just an eatery, but also a small market where you can buy nawlin's spices, and ready to prepare foods. The dining area is quite nice and near the dining area is the menu. The menu is written on a chalkboard style. There is tons of po-boys (sandwiches) to try from. The Beignet is the dish that we tried here and it was amazing. It's texture and taste was similar to the one you can find at new orleans square, Disneyland. Of course, I do want to visit the real new orleans, but that will be sometime in the future. There is so many other dishes like the sloppy joe that I want to try. The other desserts they offer is also quite eye-catching. I really want to come back here to experience a full menu dining experience. There is also seating outside the cafe, so if you like to eat outside there is tables and seating along the side of the street. Inside and Outside feels like eating in New Orleans and the best part .. that it's located in Chinatown of Los Angeles. Who woulda thunk? I have added some pictures of the Beignet and pictures of the cafe for you to enjoy and maybe entice you to pay a visit. I sure will.

Beignet made fresh!!

Here is where they store
the deli meats and dessert.

The market side of the cafe

Here is what the menu looks like up-close


Today is 10/15/15, Thursday. It has been a rough couple of months. The reason for me not being able to post on this blog was because of a few major events in my life. The most important event that happened was the passing of my father. His passing had affected my life in so many ways. Til this day, I still see his face on certain reflections such as last weekend when I had celebrated my birthday at Cafe Sierra, his face appeared on the salad bar glass window. I saw him for a brief second. No matter the differences we had, he is still my dad! I wish I could've hugged him more! I am grateful for everything he has done for me. R.I.P. Dad!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Delancey Street Restaurant (San Francisco, CA)

Located on 600 The Embarcadero in SoMa, SouthBeach of San Francisco lies Delancey Street Restaurant. To any onlooker, it's a restaurant facing the east bay bridge. To the restaurant itself, it's a second chance for ex-convicts, homeless, etc individuals that work at a restaurant making top-notch, mouth-watering food. The staff is very warming and welcoming. Outside looks very modern, and since it's the winter-time, the patio has been closed off. Inside is very comfortable and cozy. There's a full bar at one side which serves mainly beer and wine. The other side is a coffee bar that serves most of the hot beverages including hot water.

The menu is very intimidating because of the wide selection of food choices. It's difficult to choose one particular entree, because you want to know "what does this other dish taste or look like?" My brother has dined here before and has already recommended my dad to get the baby back ribs which comes with a sweet potato pie and my dad agrees with the selection. My mom is always into fish and decides to order the rare ahi dish. My brother looks and orders the sirloin steak that comes with corn and mash potatoes. I decide to order the same. My mom and I decide to get the Boston Clam Chowder. Now as we wait for our dishes to come, the waiter serves us with dinner rolls and bread. The bread and rolls are soft which makes it more appetizing. Not many restaurants in LA will serve you soft bread. Most of the time, the bread is so hard to chew.. you worry that your teeth are going to be ripped apart.

Now behind me, my broth notices a server is cooking the Boston clam chowder behind me. He has a pot on a portable stove and is cooking the chowder. He then brings two bowls of chowder to our table. Miraculously as my mom takes in a serving after another and is pleased with the clam chowder. She is a loss for words and is praising the waiter for the delicious taste that the clam chowder has brought to her senses. She even talks about the clam chowder later in the hotel room and wishes we could've make a return back. She quotes that its better clam chowder than the crab house at pier 39.

Our dishes arrive and it's just one miracle after another. The dishes are served with perfect marks. The sirloin steaks are moist and succulent. The sides that came with our dishes are just embracing with tasteful aroma. My mom's rare ahi tuna looks very pleasant and so is my father's ribs. The waiter also brings in my dad's dessert which is a sweet potato pie slice. Wow!! is all I can say. My brother smiles and says he will order one afterwards.

Dessert is very good with much to select from. My mother and I ordered the tiramisu and by far was the best decision made. The taste is not too sweet and just hits the spot. I wish I could've ordered the sweet potato pie. It looks huge but very delicious. I ordered the Delancey Street Coffee and it was delicious. No sugar was needed, except for a small serving of cream.

This place is very good in taste, customer service and environment. Would I recommend people to come here. Most Definitely. Would I come back here again? Of course I would. I would like to try the other dishes served here as well.
Sirloin steak with corn and mash potatoes

The restaurant, itself.